Welcome to Someplace Serendipitous, my virtual home.  I am a writer, a photographer, and an educator who sees life as an experience that is both luminous and numinous. I hold B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. degrees, but after a span of years living and working abroad, I chose to leave academe for art. My writing and photography are regularly published in national print magazines including Bella Grace, Kindred, and Mabel. I now live in rural New York with my husband, two young children, three cats, and a multitude of wildflowers.

You can also visit me at the collaborative blog Makings of Motherhood where I explore the experience of being a mama along with my friend and fellow contributor Michelle GD.

To learn more about the self-portraiture project I ran from January 2012-December 2016, feel free to visit She is Three. There are archives of monthly triptychs as well as the stories behind the photos taken by me as well as Deb Taylor and Bella Cirovic. “She set out: the evolution of She is Three” was published in the first issue of Bella Grace magazine, along with several photographs and accompanying stories.

All text and images here are © Jennifer DeVille Catalano 2007-2017.  It is not okay to take or reproduce anything on my site. I believe in karma. If you’d like to link to my blog, kindly contact me. Thank you so much for visiting.