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Hello, friends! I’ve been meaning to post for weeks now about some photography I have showing at Livingston Arts gallery. The opening was back on May 5, 2017, complete with my husband playing classical guitar in the background and then a rainbow that followed us home. It was a wonderful experience and I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed since then! My exhibit is entitled “A Luminous Enchantment,” and includes sixteen framed and matted prints. I encourage you to head down to Mount Morris, NY if you’re interested in viewing or purchasing any of my pieces. Mount Morris is a quaint little town just outside Letchworth State Park in Livingston County. My show closes on July 22, 2017, so there’s less than a month left to visit!

Please note: the essay I wrote describing my relationship with light (also entitled “A Luminous Enchantment”) is now coming out in issue 13 of Bella Grace magazine (instead of issue 12 as previously publicized). I apologize for the delay and have been assured that the printing problem has been resolved.

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