For the love of fall




Oh this time of year. It always gets me. The golden light, the scent of fallen leaves, the music of crickets in the fields. I want to slow down and absorb it all, yet life has been so busy on the home front. Lots of milestones and sprinklings of magic. Some maddening moments, too, I’ll be honest. My son was up at five this morning and my daughter at six. I’ve been on the verge of tears all day. I feel a strange mixture of sadness and fatigue coupled with gratitude and inspiration bubbling beneath the surface.

For now I simply want to pause and remember yesterday. My son took his first steps. Four of them. My daughter gathered flowers for me, as she so often does. White asters and zinnias this time, while barefoot, of course. And then I made this mandala with her offerings, which I combined with four locust tree leaves. The four directions. The four seasons. The four of us.

Autumn blessings to each of you, too!

11 thoughts on “For the love of fall

    1. and not to discount the fatigue and sadness mixing their way into your day…i would never discount that. i remember it well {still do, some days}.
      but i love how your day ended up…

  1. Oh sweetie, I remember those days of tears (or almost tears well). They don’t go away, but as your kids get older the physical part becomes less. The emotional part is always there. Bravo for you to be able to see the joy and the tears and embrace the joy. I wasn’t always able to do that. Sending lots of love to you and the little ones. PS. LOVE the pic of V’s toes!

    1. Sweet B, you always warm my heart with your kind words of support and your loving advice. Thank you so much for being there as I make my way through motherhood. So often I stumble, but there are these beautiful moments, too, and I try to appreciate them. I know they are fleeting.

      Sending love to you and your two!

  2. Beautiful series! So wise of you to understand what’s happening even through the sleep deprivation and emotions. Be gentle and kind to yourself. You are taking it and that so absolutely wonderful. Here’s to the changing seasons and the growth.

    1. Thank you, dear Alisha. It’s so easy to get caught up in the whirling emotions when we’re all tired and cranky, so I feel extra lucky when there are moments of clarity.

      I’m wishing you many lovely fall moments with your family!

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