Holding on, hanging in, moving forward

Holding on
Hello friends, it’s been a long while.  I suppose I was stuck under those dark skies I posted about the last time I was here.  Somehow it’s mid-May already.  Well, I haven’t been absent altogether…just a bit quiet here on my personal blog.  There has been a whole lot going on.  I shared some big news at She is Three, but never managed to write about it here!  We’re expecting our second baby in October!  I have been sick, sick, sick, but I think the worst is over now, thank goodness.  Even when life is difficult and uncomfortable, there are still so many things to celebrate.  Beautiful weather is here and I’m sharing the story behind my photo of the May triptych at She is Three today, where this month’s theme happens to be “She celebrated.” 

In other news, Makings of Motherhood is growing into a lovely community of women.  In April, we reflected on the concept of self-care.  That was a hard post for me to write, by the way.  This month we’re sharing our childrens’ experiences with food.  I’m very proud to be in charge of two collaborative blogs with such creative women.  By all means, do come visit us.  I have trouble keeping up with blogs unless I am able to subscribe to them, so there is an option to subscribe to posts via email on both sites (as well as this one)!

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