Harmony and entropy

Color is one key to harmony
The law of entropy
The prompt at 52 Photos Project this week is Harmony.  As I was playing with my daughter this afternoon, I decided to borrow a few of her crayons and snap a quick iPhone photo or two.  I started out with the crayons all lined up nicely.  I crave order, but I’ll be honest, I’m not very good at maintaining it around here.  It seems like there is a new mess or another pile of laundry to wash or fold every time I blink!  After I took a couple quick photos (and I do mean quick…toddler hands are fast!), my daughter decided that she didn’t like me messing with her crayons.  As it turns out, what she really wanted to do was play along with me…and make a grab for my key!  In the end, the law of entropy won once again, but at least we had some fun in the process!

2 thoughts on “Harmony and entropy

  1. I love both of these photos! Yes, order is not in most toddlers vocabulary, but these are the best crayons I’ve ever seen! xo, B.

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