V in my shoes
Motherhood is a vastly important theme in my life, partly because I lost my mom, and partly because of the way my own daughter’s birth has changed me.  My word of the year is CREATE, and one of the projects I’m so excited to unveil is Makings of Motherhood.  MoM is a collaborative blog where two lovely women whom I respect and admire will be joining me in sharing photographs and perspectives on motherhood.  I’m honored that Michelle GD and Barbara Paulsen have agreed to walk this path with me.  We are three women of different ages living in different states.  Our children range in age from toddler to teenager, and I’m so looking forward to sharing our honest experiences with the world.  Please join us on February 2nd when I will publish our first official post.  Michelle will be posting on the 12th of each month, and Barbara on the 22nd.  Whether you are a mommy at home with little ones, an empty-nester, or trying to conceive, we hope you’ll visit us regularly.

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