Sometimes there are no words

Sometimes there are no words...
As much as I love words, sometimes it feels like there aren’t any to express the deepest of my emotions.  I’ve been away from this blog of mine so much in the last year.  Today I decided to come back again.  Today would have been my mom’s seventy-first birthday, but she never made it out of her fifties.  I’ve come a long way since last year at this time, so I didn’t expect the tears to be lurking just under the surface today.  While my husband and daughter made dinner, I went upstairs and got on the yoga mat.  I’ll be honest, I mostly just laid there and let myself feel the sadness that I didn’t want to feel.  But I know she would be proud of how far I’ve come and the life choices I’ve made.  If I were still a little girl, I would have cleaned my room or made her something.  So I decided to tidy up my virtual room by remaking my website today.  I’m making something else, too, but I’ll reveal that next time.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes there are no words

  1. What a lovely tribute to your Mother in this photo, your words and just spending a few moments today reflecting on her life, sadness and all. xo, B.

  2. wow, i remember vividly your post from last year and how it moved me. this is equally beautiful. the pain and emotions feel different as each year goes by don’t they? another lovely tribute to your mom. xo

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