New beginnings

New beginnings
It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Two whole months in fact.  I fell behind on all my projects, chores, and plans.  I’d ignored some health matters for too long, and the time came for me to rest and take care of myself.  That’s kind of hard to do when there’s a little one in the picture!  She’s been keeping me extra busy, walking and talking and getting into all kinds of mischief these days.  I don’t like to disconnect from the creative world or pass on wonderful opportunities, but I had to give myself permission to let go of a lot of things until I felt better.   

So here I am, beginning again.  All is not lost.  I’m starting over slowly.  Little by little.  The prompts for 52 Photos Project (Begin at the beginning) and In The Picture (Shake it out) reminded me to shake off the old and start fresh.  The tiny plants I’m holding in this photo are perfect symbols of new beginnings.  Anthony started them from seed for a new project of ours.  The ones in this peat pot will eventually give us cherry tomatoes, but for now, they’re small and vulnerable.  They need time and tending before growing strong and bearing fruit.  What good reminders they are to take things slowly and take good care.

3 thoughts on “New beginnings

  1. beautiful post! we all need to slow down and recharge sometimes, and it’s good that you have the self-awareness to know when it’s time for you to do just that! thanks for linking up at {in the picture} this month!

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