Why I love February

Little love note that I wrote
Poor February. So many people dislike it because it tends to be a cold and grey month, but I happen to love February for a number of reasons. Valentine’s Day has always been one of them. I recall it being a very special holiday long before I understood anything about love. I have such fond memories of decorating shoeboxes with pink and red construction paper back when I was in gradeschool. We’d place them on our desks and then mill about the room delivering valentines to one another. It was such innocent fun. Then there were the conversation hearts that my mom used to buy us. I still have a soft spot (and a sweet tooth) for them. It was tough to save one for this photograph, in fact! February is also a double birthday month in our household. My birthday happens to fall a few days before the fourteenth, so I get extra spoiled by my sweetheart. Plus, our daughter’s birthday is at the end of the month. We are celebrating her first this year, and it is going to be quite a party!

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