Pieces of me

Holding her foot in my hand
Since the start of the new year, I’ve been participating in Urban Muser’s {In the Picture} self-portrait photo adventure. The January theme was “Pieces of me,” which led me on a much different path than I planned to take. I thought I would snap a few intentional and anonymous shots of my hands or my feet. While I did take one planned photo (that was featured on her blog!), the rest were entirely spontaneous. I ended up capturing serendipitous moments with my daughter that I know I will want to remember forever: the first time she fell asleep on my chest after feeding, the infamous face chomp, holding her foot in my hand as the afternoon sunlight streamed in (above), and reading one of her board books together. It is only in the last month or so that I have begun to get some rest and let my heart melt more deeply into motherhood. She is the greatest piece of me that exists.  I’m grateful for the sweet moments that we have shared, and the camera that helped me preserve them.

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