Fall fairy lights

Fall fairy lights
I was one of those children who delighted in stories of elves and fairies.  I loved to leaf through our copy of A Child’s Book of Poems illustrated by Gyo Fujikawa.  I still have it today.  When my goddaughter was born, I bought her a copy.  Months before my own daughter was born, I picked up a new copy for her, too.  Something about the little orbs of light from the twinkling dew and the sun shining through these leaves in our backyard brought back fond memories of my mother reading “Queen Mab” and “Wynken, Blynken and Nod” to me as I stared at Fujikawa’s sparkling illustrations.

4 thoughts on “Fall fairy lights

  1. Jennifer, your photography inspires one to write and how grand to accomplish some of your goals through it — healing and openness –so here goes in 100 words or less –When sitting on the ground crying over him, a leaf floated. On an Indian summer day in October; the wind blew; the leaves whispered; summer barely lingered. The leaf fell down in hues of green, gold and burnt amber landing in front of me. Something told me I wasn’t alone even though he left me. The wind blew strong wrapping my hair around my eyes and mulitfaceted leaves began to fall as if rain from the clouds above; suddenly I felt His peace and love in a multitude of fallen leaves in the middle of my solitude, I smiled. — Blessings Terri http://www.morningdewdrosp.typepad.com

  2. Jennifer – these images are truly amazing. I hadn’t dropped in to your site in a while and am so glad to see what you’ve added. I wish I could make my camera do the things you do with yours. Lovely!

    1. You are so sweet, Joan. A compliment from someone as talented as you is a treasure. I’m always in awe of the wonders you work with your pen. Can’t wait to read the latest!

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