It feels like there are too many things to do, and not enough time to get them all done.  But what I truly want right now is to stop and rest.  I’ve always been a cat person, and I believe they are great teachers of resting and rejuvenating.  Anthony’s big guy Smoko is pictured on the left, and that’s my little Symba on the right.  It’s hard to believe that almost fifteen years have passed since I adopted Symba from a shelter.  She and my other cat Sylvie have lived in four different states with me, and we even crossed the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea together twice.  The veterinarian told us that Symba doesn’t have much time left.  How I wish she could be a kitten again, clawing her way up my jeans to nuzzle me.  

Ever since our daughter was born earlier this year, people have been telling me how fast she’ll grow up.  They were right.  She’s already outgrown another set of baby clothes, though it doesn’t seem all that long ago that we brought her home from the hospital.  It has been a whirlwind at times, a blur of growth and change and little sleep.  So, at this very moment, I’m choosing to rest.  I’ll put Baby V to bed for the night (or at least for a few hours, until she needs to feed again), and then I’ll steal a cat nap with Symba.

2 thoughts on “Rest

  1. oh, these animals we love are such good teachers! love and love and love your baby (the cat kind and human kind) while they still nuzzle up to your heart. xo

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