Spinning gold

Spinning Gold
It’s getting darker and cooler, but I treasure this time of year and all its changes. There is a crisp quality to the air that is so refreshing, and what’s not to love about the rustling of leaves in the wind? One of the things I missed most during the years I lived in Greece was fall color. (To be honest, I also missed Dr. Pepper, though every once in a while I’d find some at an outrageous price, imported from the Netherlands). This is my third autumn back in the US, and I’m loving the glimpses of gold (and the occasional Dr. Pepper).

4 thoughts on “Spinning gold

  1. Hi Jennifer! The pictures on both of your posts capture the spirit of fall so beautifully. I appreciate reading posts from autumn lovers very much because I’m a spring/summer gal trying to get into the mindset of embracing ALL the seasons – maybe I need some time abroad to get my leaf appreciation juices flowing!

  2. Hi Marla, thanks for your comment! I do love autumn, but the truth is, I enjoy each of the seasons. I’m ready for change every three months or so. That’s the beauty of living in New York, right?! I just visited your site, and I have a feta fetish, too. That and olive oil. Your recipes look amazing!

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